How To Buy Items From Yahoo Auction Japan

How To Buy Items From Yahoo Auction Japan

It’s a hard truth that the world’s largest online auction website (Yahoo Auction Japan) does not offer any platforms for people outside Japan. This becomes a worrying factor for the international users who are willing to buy items on Yahoo Auction Japan.

The biggest problem is that if you are not Japanese, You can’t able to participate in Yahoo auctions. That is, only people from Japan can able to buy items from this auction website. 

If you are not Japanese, you can’t able to create a user account because of the language issue. As the website is entirely in the Japanese language, International users find it difficult in registering a user account.

While registering a user account, The first issue you come across is the captcha verification. The Japanese words are displayed in it, you will try a way to enter them. You may use translator, for that you need a Japanese virtual keyboard and it is not something that is done quickly and you will get frustrated in doing that.

Even if you manage to do that, you may be getting into the troubles such as You may require local shipping address and local bank account. This becomes more complicated here. 

The last but not least, you will get communication issues and the fact that shipments only inside Japan and so international shipments are not possible.

How International Users Buy Items from Yahoo Auction Japan?

What is the Solution?

The only possible solution for international users is “Online Japan Auction Proxy services”

Famous proxy services like Zenmarket, Jauce, BuyeeJapan, FromJapan, etc..

You can directly sign up on these auction websites and starting bidding on auction products. As these websites are in English, international users can easily participate in Yahoo auctions and starting bidding on products that they need to buy.

So for the International users, Japan auction proxy services act as a key platform to participate in Yahoo auctions.

Due to the demand for Japanese products and Yahoo auction there emerged a lot of proxy services and most of these proxy websites are more successful & profitable.

These proxy websites become the affiliate partners with the Yahoo Auction Japan.

How to Start Yahoo Auction Proxy Website?

Have you started thinking of starting a Yahoo Japan Auction Proxy website?
If yes, you are in the right place!

We, Japanbidding having a 10+ years experience in online yahoo auction industry provides end-to-end software solutions for yahoo auction business. We have developed a lot of japan auction proxy websites which are now leading the yahoo auction industry. Bring your auction business needs & requirements to us, we are very much glad to assist you in fulfilling your business idea.

Some highlighting factors on our website script made a big hit on our client-side.


Features of our Japan Auction Proxy Website Script:

1. Multi-language support (You can use your local language for website content).
2. Custom themes available, You can switch over to the theme you are interested in.
3. User-friendly & Mobile Optimized.
4. Users can feel real-time bidding experience.
5. Order tracking.
6. In-built secured wallet system.
7. Auto Bidding API available.

Users get a real-time bidding experience, the website is integrated with Yahoo Auction API and so the auctioneer/website owner can able to list all the products from yahoo auction as listed as in Yahoo Auction Japan website.

With the implementation of Auto Bidding API in your auction website will make user bidding on auction products can be automatically updated on yahoo auction and so auctioneers can be free from the manual works which involved in the bidding process.

To know more in detail or to start a Yahoo Japan Auction Proxy Website,


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