How to start Auction site with Auto Bidding API?

Auction websites are not particularly new but have gained in popularity in recent years.This guide will help you to start your own auction business site, manage and run efficiently with our advanced features

What is Japan Bidding website and how it benefits you?

What is Japan Bidding website and how it benefits you?

Have you planned to start your own Japan Auction E-commerce business and looking for a proper solution to kick-start? Yes! You have landed on right place. This guide will help you to lit the business idea about Japan Bidding E-commerce website.

Starting an auction website is not a big deal. Before launching it, understand what it is and the procedure,thereby gaining profit for your business.

One of the best features of Yahoo Japan is Yahoo Auctions — an auction site where people sell everything from appliances to designer goods. It has millions of hot and cheapest items such as Electronics, Mobiles, Toys, collectibles, Anime cells, Video Games, Comics, J-POPs, DVDs and so on.

To make it simple, just look at the benefits listed that you (admin) and the user would attain:

For you, building an auction site means you can sell your products to the highest bidder without any middlemen between you and your buyer. You can avoid the fees and lock-in of other auction platforms. You can also set a fee for listing products and get a commission from every sale. Not to mention, building an auction site is one of the best ways to make money online.

For your users, the benefit is that they can easily buy the Japanese products from your website. You will contact the seller on behalf of the seller and the ship the items to the users. All they have to do is, bid/shop the items on the website. The customers will assurance and 100% quality products to their door step from you.

How to create an Japan auction proxy e-commerce website?
How to create an Japan auction proxy e-commerce website?

How to create an Japan auction proxy e-commerce website?

To launch your own online Japan auction business, first you have to create an website and then integrate AutoBid API into it.

  • Website - You can develop the website with the default features of the auction site with high security features in it. It is a one time investment for your business to run long term.
  • AutoBid API - The AutoBid API integration of Yahoo auction website, will help the users to place the bid automatically and used to increase the purchase of more Japan products using your website.
How it works?

How It Works?

Our Japan Bidding website script will be integrated to Yahoo auction API, to give away real-time bidding experience to international users. Also, we create customizable shopping sites like Rakuten, Zozotown, ZenMarket and Jauce as per our client’s demand, for a better shopping experience.

  • International users can easily bid / shop any Japan products
  • New and automated bidding experience
  • Users are provided with 100% quality products
  • Users enjoy owning Japan products
How It Works?
User dashboard features

User dashboard features

  • Registration
  • Search
  • Auction (Bid)
  • Shopping (Buy)
  • Shipping
  • In-built secure wallet
  • Order Tracking
  • 24/7 Support

Admin Dashboard Features

  • Modification of content
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Shopping APIs integration
  • Auction API integration
  • Related product suggestion feed
  • User Management
  • Order Management
  • Security and Payment Gateway
Admin Dashboard Features
Why to build Japan auction website with us?

Why to build Japan auction website with us?

We Japan Bidding, have the best and experienced team,resulting in quality output that you expect. Since 2009 we are a successful sailors in this raw ocean. We have done and delivered good numbers of e-commerce auction website to the clients. Land your dreams here and get your own platform for your business.