How to Start Yahoo Auction Website like ZenMarket, BuyeeJapan, Jauce

How to Start Yahoo Auction Website like ZenMarket, BuyeeJapan, Jauce

Yahoo Auction is one of the oldest & famous auction in the world. Nearly 3 million products sold daily, and people can buy & sell everything from appliances to designer goods. It has millions of hot and cheapest items such as Electronics, Mobiles, Toys, collectibles, Anime cells, Video Games, Comics, J-POPs, DVDs and so on.

Yahoo Auction is not only famous in Japan, it has users from all over the world. Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, China, HongKong, Philippines, United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea has a lot of yahoo auction users.

The statistic shows the annual revenue of Yahoo Auction Japan during the fiscal years 2002 to 2018. In fiscal 2018, the Yahoo Auction Japan's annual revenue amounted to approximately 955 billion Japanese yen, up from 897 billion yen in the previous fiscal year.




Yahoo Japan is conducting an online Yahoo Auction which is owned by Soft Bank group. This Yahoo Auction Japan website is available only in Japanese language and shipments is only possible inside the country of Japan, so international users are unable to participate in yahoo auctions. Even if they try to translate website content, they are not eligible to open a membership account because a local address is required to ship the auction products.

By understanding these many business-minded people want to start a yahoo auction website which is available in multiple languages and more commonly in English and to provide international shipments for international users. This becomes a great business and gives rise to a lot of yahoo auction proxy websites.

Initially, people from Japan started this type of auction website, later due to the demand of auction products all over the world, People from different countries started yahoo auction website with their local languages. Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, USA are the pioneers of starting this kind of auction websites. This type of auction website is called as “Yahoo Auction Proxy Website or Yahoo Auction Proxy Services”. Famous proxy services like ZenMarket, BuyeeJapan, FromJapan, Jauce, etc.


Software Solutions for Yahoo Auction:

We, Japanbidding is the leading software solutions provider of yahoo auction business.  We have developed of lot of yahoo auction websites which are now leading the online yahoo auction business. Bring your auction business needs & requirements to us, we are very much glad to assist you in fulfilling your business idea.

Yahoo Auction Website Script:

Buying or bidding auction products are now simpler with our Yahoo auction website script. Users from anywhere in the world can get real-time bidding and shopping experience along with perfect shipping management, in an efficient way. Buying or bidding Japan products are now simpler with our Yahoo Japan auction script. User from anywhere in the globe can get real time bidding and shopping experience along with perfect shipping management, in an efficient way.

Key Features of our Yahoo Auction Website Script:

> Highly-Secured & Un-hackable.
> User & Mobile friendly.
> Multi-lingual (supports multiple languages).
> In-built secure wallet.
> Custom themes available.
> Supports a variety of payment gateway.
> User attractive UI & UX design.

Highlighting Factors:

1. Multi-lingual support:

The main reason for the emerging of these proxy services is the language issue. In our auction website script, we have integrated language translation options, so users can switch over the website to their native language. It helps users to easily participate in auctions and as a result increase business revenue for the website owners.

2. Custom themes:

The auctioneer/website owners will be provided an admin panel where there are options to change themes. Our website script supports a lot of themes, so the auctioneer can choose themes of their wish and which may attract website users.

3. Yahoo Auction API:

Yahoo auction API gives a solution for auction websites to list any of the products from Yahoo auction Japan. In addition to that, Auctioneers can list more specific and demanding products from Yahoo Auction Japan’s website and automatically integrate it into their own auction website. Through this integration of products, an auction website increases traffic and can initiate high bid value from bidders.

4. Auto Bidding API:

Auto Bidding API makes the auctioneers free from manual bidding process that is required in yahoo auction as the user bidding is automatically updated on Yahoo auction Japan and so the auctioneers complete their auction process without any manual works. Before the introduction of auto-bidding API, the website owners need to manually submit the user bids on Yahoo auction Japan. 


Yahoo Auction API & Auto Bidding API becomes mandatory use for all the yahoo auction websites. All the yahoo auction website get built & integrated with these API’s to make auction business easier & smarter!



Why should choose Japanbidding as your Yahoo Auction Software Solutions Provider?

JapanBidding, a 10+ years pre-eminent Yahoo auction website development company offers end-to-end software solutions for Yahoo Auction businesses. Our technical excellence can give you a reliable solution for Yahoo auction business which meets your customer requirements. We have done and delivered a lot of e-commerce auction website to our clients which are now ruling the auction world.

We also do marketing for your online auction website, which makes your auction website to rank number one in search engine result pages (SERPS).

Want to Start Yahoo Auction Website, Contact us>>>

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