What is the use of Auto Bidding API in Yahoo Auction?

What is the use of Auto Bidding API in Yahoo Auction?

Yahoo Japan Auction is the largest online auction site in the world, nearly 5 million items get sold daily. This Auction website is available only within the territory of Japan and people from other countries are unable to participate in auctions. But people from other countries have huge grace in yahoo auctions.

Business people started utilizing this drawback and started yahoo japan proxy websites likes ZenMarket, Jauce, Rakuten, etc. These websites allow people from all over the world to participate in yahoo auction and these websites become affiliate partners with Yahoo Japan Auction.

This can be made possible by Yahoo Auction API, to know in detail click here>>

Due to the demand of Japan products in the world market, the Yahoo auction is becoming more popular and bidding which takes place in above proxy websites getting increased day-by-day. This makes the work of the proxy website owners to continuously monitor the bidding process. 

With the introduction of Auto Bidding API, it makes the bidding process a lot easier for the auction website owners.

This article outlines the ways in which you can equip the power of automation bidding to deliver improved results and more efficiently in your yahoo auction business.


Auto Bidding API


What Makes Auto Bidding API Popular Among Proxy Website Owners?

Automated Bidding:

This Auto Bidding API makes the website owners free from manual bidding process in yahoo auction as the user bidding is automatically updated on Yahoo Japan auction.

Less time consumption:

Manually managing bids is hugely time-intensive and inefficient whereas the auto-bidding API makes the bidding faster by avoiding manual works involved in the bidding process.

N-number of bidding applicable:

Manual bidding has a lot of limitations for auction website owners resulting in a very less number of bidding in auction products, whereas the auto bidding tool becomes more valuable for auctioneers, resulting in N-number of bidding on auction products (I.e) Multiple users can bid on a single auction product.


Yahoo auction website owners still relying on a fully manual bid management process are now few and far between. Manually managing bids is highly time-intensive and inefficient considering the number of options available to automate bid management currently accessible on even the smallest budgets.

Looking to implement Automation Bidding to your auction website?

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