Why Do We Need Yahoo Auction Proxy Website?

Why Do We Need Yahoo Auction Proxy Website?

An Online auction is a service in which auction users or participants bid for products or services via the Internet. An online auction is also called as the virtual auction. These virtual auctions facilitate online activities between buyers and sellers in different locations or geographical areas. 

There exists a lot of online auction sites throughout the world, among which the Yahoo Japan Auction is the most popular one.

What is Yahoo Japan Auction?

Yahoo Japan Auction - the largest online auction in Japan, selling about 6 million items every day. Auctions participants can be individuals and companies, they offer a huge number of goods for any taste and budget.

It is also popular in overseas, but Yahoo Auction Japan doesn't favor for people from other countries because of some drawbacks existing in it.

Drawbacks in Yahoo Japan Auction:

1. Yahoo Auction doesn’t support international shipments and hence it is not available for overseas people.
2. Even though if you arrange a private shipping agent you are unable to participate in auction because the item name & description will be in the local Japanese language.
3. Overseas people can’t even create a user account because of the language issue.

How to overcome drawbacks?

Even though Yahoo Japan Auction has a huge demand in overseas, it is not available for overseas people. People from Japan & even people from overseas started thinking to overcome the drawbacks and make available Yahoo Japan Auction all over the world.

Yahoo Japan Auction Proxy Websites become the solution for their needs. We, JAPANBIDDING is the first who introduced this solution.

Benefits Of Yahoo Auction Proxy Websites

1. International users are allowed to participate in yahoo auction bidding.
2. Yahoo Japan Auction doesn't support international shipment whereas proxy websites support international shipment.
3. Multi-language support is made possible, but it depends upon the auction software.
4. Product pricing can be listed in different currencies and also based on the auction software used.

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