Why Yahoo Auction Website Need Yahoo Auction API?

Why Yahoo Auction Website Need Yahoo Auction API?

When it comes to the online auction industry, Yahoo Japan Auction is the only auction website which has created a huge customer base, 

It is estimated that 60% of people in Japan prefer Yahoo auction rather than buying fixed price products in e-commerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba, etc..

And people of Japan love online auctions, so Online auction business has a huge demand in Japan and even people from China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines also prefer Japan products.

And eventually, it has become the main reason for the emerging of many auction startups!

Japanese auction products are not only for Japanese, but yahoo japan auction has some limitations for the overseas people to bid on yahoo japan products to overcome those inconveniences many business people are looking forward to providing a business solution.

Yahoo Auction API become the best solution to overcome this inconvenience.

What is Yahoo Auction API?

Yahoo Auction API is an API through which you can integrate your auction website with Yahoo Auction Japan. You can bring all Yahoo Auction products into your website just by integrating their API. This API serves as a gateway between your auction website and Yahoo Japan Auction.

Benefits of Yahoo Auction API

Yahoo auction API gives a solution for auction websites to list any of the products from Yahoo auction Japan. In addition to that, Auctioneers can list more specific and demanding products from yahoo japan's website and automatically integrate it into their own auction website. Through this integration of products, an auction website increases traffic and can initiate high bid value from bidders.

You can also list some additional products which are more popular in your locality or the products which have a huge demand in overseas.

For example, Japanese products have a huge demand in overseas, and even products from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Malaysia have a huge demand in the world market.

The auction website with Yahoo Auction API integration becomes the affiliate partners with Yahoo Auction Japan.

Integrate Yahoo Auction API easier than ever! By JAPANBIDDING

JAPANBIDDING (SniperBid) will help you out to integrate Yahoo Auction API to your online auction sites. Our business module, SniperBid will be a perfect solution for your auction business needs around the world.

If you are currently looking for Yahoo Auction API, then Yahoo Auction API - SNIPERBID will be a perfect choice for your needs.

Benefits of Sniperbid:

1. The international user gets real-time bidding and shopping experience.

2. International shipment is made possible.

3. It allows users to place bid anywhere at any time (24×7 support).

4. Mobile friendly.

5. Custom themes available.

6. Multilingual (Multi-language support).

7. The most important feature AUTOMATION BIDDING is possible.

Automation Bidding in Yahoo Auction:

Before the introduction of auto-bidding API, the auctioneers/website owners need to manually submit the user bids on Yahoo auction Japan and also there exists some limitation in manual bidding submission and a very limited number of users bids are allowed. 

Auto Bidding API makes the auctioneers free from manual bidding process that is required in yahoo auction as the user bidding is automatically updated on Yahoo auction Japan and so the auctioneers complete their auction process without any manual works.


Yahoo Auction API & Auto Bidding API becomes mandatory use for all the yahoo auction websites. All the yahoo auction website get built & integrated with these API’s to make auction business easier & smarter!



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